Being an investor, very low or even negative interest rates, inflated stock and property prices, trade wars and overall economic instabilities are daily concerns. What’s the solution out of this?! Being the first blockchain based digital advertising platform fully backed by offline assets, our advertising cost is extremely competitive but depends on format, circulation, demographics, and impressions for your target audience. How serious are we about “Success. Shared.”? What profits can you expect owning your own billboard? Here is a following example:

  • We sell 10 second block ads at an average cost of USD 0.25
  • Our boards make revenues per day of USD 2200
  • This sums up to USD 65.000 per month
  • And USD 800.000 per year

Our boards are valued at USD 1 Million out of which 50% are available for microcredit lending.


Let’s assume you buy 5.000 LEDLY utility-token at the cost of USD 5.000 and exchange them against a sub-utility-token (e.g. LED1, LED2 or LED3) of your desired billboard this means you own 0.5% of that billboard.


Our microcredit lending agreement entitles you to receive quarterly board revenues payable in LEDLY equivalent to your board share which is in our example 0.5%. Considering the total board revenue is USD 800.000 per year, your 0.5% share totals up to USD 4000 worth in LEDLY utility-tokens annual returns. Those LEDLY utility-tokens can be used to enter more billboards or cash out against a crypto of your choice.

MICROCREDIT LENDING AGREEMENT offers an 80% return per annum on your microcredit lending agreement!

DISCLAIMER: The calculations for our billboards and microcredit lending gains are estimates only. This analysis is a series of general estimates which are based upon the underlying information now available. That information may change over time, and the analysis would need to be updated to reflect those changes for the analysis to be useful. The assumptions on microcredit lending returns are hypothetical and there can be no guarantee that they will be achieved. Actual results may vary substantially from the figures shown.